The Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial was carefully designed to incorporate a variety of features in tribute to the men and women in uniform.  Read on below to learn more about the unique attributes of the Memorial and how they tie together.

Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial Association

Honoring Those Who Served

The Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial incorporates various design features honoring all branches of the Armed Forces. It is the mission of the Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial Association to recognize the effort and sacrifice provided to our country by the many veterans who have called and still call Mount Horeb home.

Veterans Memorial Features

The Flag Circle

There are a total of 10 flags in the Memorial. The United States Flag is the most prominent.  It will be a 6′ by 10′ flag on a 40′ pole.  The five flags on 35′ poles will be represented by flying the flags of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.  They will be in a circle around the Mount Horeb Freedom Tower.  Each pillar in the tower represents a branch of the service.

the shape

The entire Memorial footprint represents the United States Pentagon. 5 sides, 5 points, 5 pillars, all represent the power of 5, the 5 Branches of the Military.  The Pentagon in Washington D.C. and the strength it portrays to our country and the world is why our Memorial will have this distinct look.

Mt. Horeb Freedom Tower

The original conceptual design for the Veterans Memorial Freedom Tower came from a candle holder with 4 pillars. The candle holder and a sketch of the Freedom Tower rendered by Don Hartman, was taken to a Tech Ed teacher at Mount Horeb High School in the spring of 2017. The project was assigned to Senior student Matthew Thompson who took the modified sketch, that incorporated a fifth pillar, and Matt architecturally created 3D plans of the Freedom Tower with 5 pillars. Each Pillar represents a branch of the military.  The Freedom Tower was equipped with a large Bronze bell and was anchored to a Pentagon-shaped Granite platform with each side being engraved with a Military Seal that corresponds to the branch of the service pillar above it.


After Matthew drafted the plans using the school’s Computer-Aided Design and Drafting System, the Plans were taken to several Monument Companies in the area.  Archie Monument in Watertown, Wisconsin was the only company who indicated that they could build the Freedom Tower.


The Pillars in structure will be made of white granite and placed atop a black granite pentagon.  It will rise approximately 13 feet off the ground.  As indicated earlier, each pillar will represent a branch of the military, with each branch’s symbol or seal engraved in the black granite side of the pentagon below the pillar. The polished bronze bell will be placed in the Freedom Tower for use during memorials honoring fallen veterans and to be rung on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, September 11th, and Veterans Day.   



The American Flag Tribute will be made of black granite collared by two pieces of white granite. A brightly-colored, waving U.S. Flag will be etched on the front of the black Granite Pentagon. The brilliant red, white, and blue flag will be inspiring to all whose eyes are cast in that direction. Engraved on the back-side of the Pentagon will be “A Flag’s Declaration”, a powerful and emotional poem written by 25-year military veteran CSM Doyle Watters, U.S. Army (Retired).

American Legion Pentagon Tribute

The American Legion Tribute will also be a Pentagon made of black granite collared by two pieces of white granite. Engraved on the front of the Pentagon will be the American Legion symbol and reference to Frank E. Malone American Legion Post 113. Engraved on the back-side of the Pentagon will be the Preamble to the American Legion Constitution. 

Veterans of Foreign Wars Pentagon Tribute

The VFW Pentagon will also be a Pentagon made of black granite collared by two pieces of white granite. Engraved on the front of the Pentagon will be the symbol of the VFW and a reference to Mount Horeb VFW Post 9511. Engraved on the back-side of the Pentagon will be a poem penned by CSM Doyle Watters, U.S. Army (Retired). The poem is titled “The Defender” and is descriptive of the Veterans of Foreign Wars members who have fought in all wars.

The Tributes


The POW/MIA/KIA pedestal Tribute will be sponsored by the Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Chapter IV.  Each of the 5 sides will be engraved with statistics from Wars. There are three sides dedicated to Gold Star Veterans from the area. Veterans who died while serving their Country in various Wars and conflicts. One side will be engraved with various statistics and numbers from those who served in the many conflicts that the United States of America has been involved in. On top of the Granite pedestal there will be a bronze Fallen Soldier Statue.

Purple Heart Recipient tribute

This Black Granite monument will be dedicated to all who received our Nation’s oldest award, The Purple Heart, which was first given out by George Washington to soldiers wounded in the Revolutionary War. The Tribute’s top will include a hand-print made by a Purple Heart Recipient.  

The hand-print will be a very moving part of the monument because it’s cast from the hand print of a Navy Corpsman who served in Vietnam with the Marines tending to the wounded and dying. This Purple Heart Recipient’s DNA and Spirit are channeled into the stone and all are encouraged to place their hand in the imprint. By placing your hand in the imprint, it is hoped you will gather strength and healing from those who’ve placed their hand on the imprint before you.

Donor tribute


Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial Park

This space is dedicated solely to all veterans who served their county in military service.

It is a place that not only honors their service, but also their sacrifice, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their own life for the great nation.  

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Testimonials on the Memorial

We have been involved in several wonderful Veteran's Memorial Projects throughout our great state. Much thought and hard work is put into them from many volunteers. The design for the Mount Horeb Veteran's Memorial is one of the more unique ideas we have seen. The main center monument is solemn, yet powerful-looking in appearance. The idea of the actual hand-print of a veteran on the Purple Heart tribute is truly moving. The entire concept of the park was very well thought out. The Mount Horeb community will have reason to be extremely proud of this wonderful memorial honoring all Veterans for generations to come!

Jeff Wetzel
Archie Monument and Stone

Don, you and your Veterans group have done extraordinary work on this project and I am so impressed. The pictures and YouTube videos touched my heart and my emotions. Having worked at the Veterans Hospital for 40 years, I have gained great admiration and respect for veteran and I want to thank you all for your service. I was in Normandy, France a couple years ago and saw Omaha Beach, museums and the American cemetery. That will forever be imprinted in my memory. Thank you so much for sharing your project!

Betty Kalscheur

The video and design of the Veterans Memorial is stunningly BEAUTIFUL! What a vision! Thanks for sharing. It is about time our veterans are recognized for their service in protecting this country. A lot of tears will be shed when this Memorial is revealed. This will touch the hearts of many families. I am excited to donate to such a heart-warming project!

Vera Courtney

Your entire group deserves credit for such a well organized, efficient fundraiser. Before asking for even a nickel, a dream evolved in to a concept and lastly a plan. A plan spelling out exactly what needed to be done, in what order and by whom. Obstacles were met head on and solved with a solution. Those tasked with meeting potential donors did so with respect, humility, and appreciation. Those tasked with promoting the wonderful steak feeds and other having to cook for all the customers did so with smiles, all the while keeping their eye on the mission to build a beautiful memorial in honor of all veterans, near and far. Yes, you've come a long way...all because of the determination to make the dream become a reality. And, it did!

Cathy Diotte Scott
Mount Horeb Village Board