The Veteran’s Memorial Pavilion will have 692 Veteran’s Pavers. They measure 12” by 12” square, made of granite. The grey area depicted above in the picture is reserved for Veteran Pavers.

Each Paver’s inscription may be unique. There are up to nine (9) lines of information. Each line may contain up to nineteen (19) characters.

Veteran’s Pavers may be reserved for a brother, sister, uncle, father or close friend, by anyone who desires to honor their service. We require that the enrollee served in the Military in support of the United States of America.

Veterans do not need to be from Wisconsin or Mount Horeb. We have many families who want to remember a father or grandfather who served.

We understand that you may want to consult with others and need some time composing your unique inscription. Please do so; you can submit your inscription later. If you prefer one of our volunteers, can compose an inscription for you or your loved one, please contact us. We are here to help and there is no additional cost for this service. Take time to gather the information such as: name, rank, branch, dates, conflicts, ships, medals or other service related data.

Why are we asking you to reserve a Veterans Paver now? Veteran’s community support for your Memorial is essential! It secures vital initial funding that helps obtain matching grants from other donors. It also demonstrates to the Village that we have the ability to raise the required funds. We are requesting the Village donate the land and other services so please contribute now.

Please submit your Enrollment Form today with your most generous contribution. If you have questions or need assistance call Don Hartman at 608-335-5210 or email us at

Paver Enrollment Form – 2022

Click the link to download the form to fill out to get your paver. 


Vet Paver Inscription Plain v.4

Vet Paver Info Sheet v.4

Click here for information sheet and samples of inscriptions.